Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to Make a Severed Head

This week I am going to tell you all how to make a severed head.

The supplies you are going to need are:
1.     A head mold
2.     Casting latex
3.     Poly foam
4.     Acrylic paint
5.     A hot glue gun
6.     Hot glue
7.     Fake eyes
8.     A wig or crepe hair
9.     A dremel
10. Something to hold the two half’s of the head mold together
11. Packing peanuts (optional)
12. Screwdriver (optional)
13. Scissors
14. Spongy material

The first step is to tie your two halves of your mold together very tightly.

The second step is to slush the mold. To do this you pour the casting latex into the head mold to about the half way or quarter point. They you slowly rotate your mold while pouring out the latex back into it’s original container.

Step three let the latex dry over night, or up against a fan for 6 to 12 hours. You want to make sure it has set and is no longer wet, sticky, tacky, in any way not completely dry.

Step four. Mix the two active components of your poly foam. It should be about a 25 to 12 ratio.

If you are using the packing peanuts add them in first and make sure they are up to at least the half waypoint. Then you add your poly foam. You ratio should be about 14 to 7.

Step five. Once your foam has risen and set, about 20 to 30 minutes after you added it, you are now ready to pull your mold. You may now untie your mold and carefully pull it apart. You may need to use a screwdriver to separate the two halves.

Step six. Once you have pulled the mold it is time to dremel. You must dermal down the edges where there is a seam. You need to make this as smooth and invisible as possible.

Step seven. Once you are done dremaling you now need to trim the excess foam from about the neck. SAVE THIS! DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!

Step eight. Now heat up your hot glue gun and decide how you will position the let over latex that you have trimmed off the neck. This will be your arteries, guts and gore factor. NOTE! Do not glue these into the center! Leave the center open incase you decided to add a vertebra.

Step nine. Glue the latex.

Step ten. Mix your paint with some of your casting latex. Attempt to get a dark purplish reddish color.

Step eleven. Sponge paint the white poly foam and latex.

Step twelve. Let the paint dry.

Step thirteen. Cut out the eye area.

Step fourteen. Choose a pair of eyes and gently insert them into the now open eye area.

Step fifteen. Add some blues and reds very subtly around the neck area. This just adds some realness and depth to your head.

Step sixteen. Pick out a wig and hot glue it to your head.

Optional step seventeen. If you wish you can use more paint to apply make up to your head, if you wish it to be a girl, or to add color to the lips and cheeks.

Optional step eighteen. You can now add some of your reddish latex to the hair and on your head’s face to make it appear beaten.

Optional step eighteen. If you wish you can use more paint to apply make up to your head, if you wish it to be a girl, or to add color to the lips and cheeks.

Hooray! You now have your very own severed head. Use it at Halloween, in a movie, to scare your friends, scare your mom, your teacher, a person in a car accident (well that would just be rude). What I’m trying to say is enjoy it!

For more tips on how to make your own head or other body parts check out these links.

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